Want a Stress-Free Weekend?

 photo may31-2013-foto-stress-fatigue_zps7f38e300.jpg

People living in big cities are totally peculiar. And weekend stress is a peculiar phenomenon of our urban lives. It would be fair to say that most people live from one weekend to the next. Our busy work schedules make it impossible for us to do anything during the weekdays. That is why we keep piling up all our work for the weekend. Ideally, weekends are for stress relief. But as the weekend approaches, we are more and more stressed out.

This is mainly because we have a pile of work to finish during the weekend. We are totally hassled that we have too much work to do on the weekend and cannot relax. Weekend stress is a very real thing and it adds to the Monday morning blues. We are totally stressed out on Friday that we have to do so much and on Monday, we come to work knowing we have not finished our quota of work for the weekend. This work usually gets carried over to the next weekend making us all the more stressed out.

Bad weekend habits like partying late night or getting up late in the morning only adds to our weekend stress. Some people exercise only in the weekends and that too is a stressful habit that makes things difficult. Shopping in busy malls is probably the worst way to spend your weekend.

Here are some TIPS & ADVICE on how you can take a break and make some fun plans for the weekend.



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